MAECymru Merched a’r Eglwys - Ministry and Equality in the Church in Wales welcomed over 60 representatives from the Wales Government, local authorities, charities and organisations working for equality and diversity in Wales to a Networking Lunch in July 2018.  Over thirty organisations were represented including religious faiths and social action groups.  A banner made by members of the Muslim Council for Wales, designed for the Suffragette centenary march in Cardiff, was a prominent reminder of past campaigns for equality by women.  The lunch was held in the garden at Llys Esgob, Llandaff.  In her welcome, the Rt. Rev. June Osborne, Bishop of Llandaff, spoke of being the first woman to hold the post of Bishop in Llandaff and how unimaginable that would have been to women and girls in her youth, adding that we should celebrate this change and celebrate the work being done to embed equality in all areas of life.  She urged those present to network and to recognise the strength of this vision.  It is especially important at this time as political decisions are made about Brexit, that we voice the values of a fair and just society.  The Venerable Rev. Mary Stallard, Archdeacon of Bangor and MAECymru Chair, also welcomed guests and said, “in this suffragette centenary year, MAECymru draws inspiration from their fight for equality, and from women in Wales who have since continued to strive for equality in their own fields.  We celebrate the progress that has been made, and want to encourage one another for all that has still to be done.  Our membership and conferences are open to all.  Please join us – there is strength in numbers, and stay in touch through our website and with local members to share experiences and support.”
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